Is your legacy secure?

Economic and Environmental Sustainability

NECs have the ability to be far more strategic than publicly listed companies. However, the decline in oil price and the change in global market dynamics has driven NEC’s to extract more and more value from their natural resources. As such, this forces them to adopt more of the behaviours of publicly listed companies, focussing on short term results rather than long term sustainability.

This kind of short-term thinking has reduced the life expectancy of publicly listed companies from 75 years down to 15 years. It is important not to lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is to extract optimum value from your resources whilst protecting your legacy to ensure economic prosperity and environmental sustainability for future generations.

Our management and technical consulting services support clients achieve economic and environmental sustainability by leveraging deep knowledge and technology together with a continuous improvement delivery model which builds resilience and agility into your company.

Our Delivery Model

Like the sequoia tree, we build resilience and deep-rooted strategies into every project we deliver. We will ensure your business has the strength and agility to survive the ever changing future market dynamics.

Our deep market insights and expertise allow us to benchmark our clients against industry best practice and develop a strategy to implement meaningful transformations and ultimately achieve operational excellence across all aspects of your business.

This cycle is ongoing as market drivers will inevitably change the business requirements, redefining what operational excellence is. This process allows our clients to pivot as required to meet these constantly changing demands.

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