How to deliver optimum value?

Improve your competitive position

In an increasingly volatile marketplace, operational excellence is more important than ever to remain competitive. Exploration, field development and production costs are increasing whilst downstream margins are reduced. Meanwhile, the ongoing drain of experience and knowledge is adding operational risk to plant performance.

This has driven NECs to develop strategies to extract maximum value from their operations, focusing on people, culture, procedures and technology. Sustaining excellence in performance requires continual improvement and focus across all aspects of your business.

Our operational excellence model provides services to cover 4 core pillars of excellence across 8 key industries:

Operational Excellence Services

Auxilium technica have a global network of highly experienced consultants, specialised in developing operational strategies and delivering / embedding operational excellence in each of the areas identified above. Our delivery approach is based on lean tools and methodologies, along with digital technology, and has been honed through years of hands on experience delivering meaningful business and technical solutions.

Whatever business challenge you are facing, we have the experts to support you on your journey.

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