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Diversifying to meet new challenges

Over the past 100 years, the energy market dynamics have been constantly shifting, either through regulation, consumer preference or technology advancements. These changes are as inevitable as the seasons and, while they create new challenges, they also offer opportunities for those who are ready. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry today is the uncertainty of future energy mix demand.

Energy Mix Demand Transformation 2020 – 2050

Fossil Fuels Outlook

• Demand stagnation & decline
• Reducing investor confidence
• De-carbonisation
• Cash preservation
• Significant cost pressures
• Nationalisation programs
• Loss of experienced workforce

• Shrinking competitor landscape
• Digital technology adoption
• Agile implementation
• Re-imagining functional support

Renewables Outlook

• Storage issues
• Grid evolution
• O&G business transformations
• Growing competitive landscape
• Cost competitiveness
• New technology – skills gap

• 50% increase in demand
• Market growth in solar & wind
• Significant investment opportunities
• Lack of regulation
• New technology entrants

For NECs, the change requirements associated with these market conditions and other factors are significant, and your ability to succeed is directly related to your ability to manage change effectively. At AUXILIUM technica, we have the deep market insights to help you chart the course towards your individual transformation.

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