Delivering Results in a Competitive Landscape

Within the next 5 years, 50% of all skilled technical staff are expected to retire with no capable candidates to replace them. This continued narrowing of the talent pool, combined with nationalisation efforts and an increasingly competitive landscape, creates significant operational challenges and business assurance risks.

Maintaining access to experienced, specialist resources will be critical for any business to succeed in the foreseeable future but identifying, recruiting and retaining such talent can be time consuming and costly, especially if key projects fall behind schedule as a result.

Auxilium technica can help you fill your specialised technical resource gaps through short term project solutions, longer term staffing solutions and outsourced services:
Project Soutions

Project Soutions

Experiencing challenges with project start-up or execution?

Our experts can help you get your project back on track and deliver the value your shareholders expect.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Having issues in resourcing the right technical specialist?

Our experts can help you to find the ideal candidate for your most challenging staff and project roles.

Outsourced Services

Outsourced Services

Struggling to maintian your technical bench strength?

Reimagine your organisation by leveraging our network to support your specializsd technical needs on demand.

Virtual Centre of Excellence

Auxilium technica’s Virtual Centre of Excellence provides you with remote subject matter experts, on demand, supporting your immediate personal, business or project related needs.

We provide all our services through our digital engagement partner platforms, Grapevine® and Mural®, either via one-to-one engagement or through team workshops.

Our virtual offices are powered by Grapevine®.

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The power industry is facing rapid shifts driven largely by the inherent market challenges of integrating renewable energy into power grids. Companies need to mitigate a number of issues including significant increases in data and more volatile power sources. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



With the drive towards cleaner energy, the years ahead promise significant investment in the Renewable energy sector. Many major oil and gas companies are now looking at transforming themselves to enter and position strongly in this market, all of which is a major challenge. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



Given the low crude oil price, the chemical industry could realise much cheaper feedstock pricing from the downstream sector, which presents a significant opportunity for increased profitability once post COVID demand readjusts. Organisational agility and digital transformation can help to maximize this opportunity. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…

Integrated Gas


2020’s dramatic oil and gas price drop has forced LNG companies to significantly delay decisions on new projects. Market cost competitiveness is becoming a key parameter for LNG operators, specifically in relation to OPEX reductions. This has pivoted short term focus towards cost cutting and efficiency improvements At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



The Downstream sector is experiencing significant cost pressures due to global demand reductions. Cash is now king and operators need to transform radically to survive. Aside from launching multiple operations improvement projects, companies are looking to leverage digital technologies to reimagine their operating models. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



The effects of low prices are finally beginning to ripple through the Midstream sector, resulting in declining profits. In addition, E&P organizations desire agility in handling multiple commodities. Cost optimisation, operational efficiencies and transformative technologies are critical to business survival and future growth. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



The Upstream sector is facing a number of significant business challenges including low oil prices, volatile supply and demand challenges and high operating costs. To survive, cost leadership together with acceleration towards a more agile and digitally leveraged operations is required. At Auxilium technica, we have the experts to help…



The mining industry has been experiencing multiple challenges over the last few years including volatile market conditions, reducing investor confidence and increasing environmental mandates. Successfully managing these challenges through embracing operational excellence and digital technologies is critical to business survival.



Every day without production costs asset owners millions in lost revenue, causing plant inspection intervals to be stretched to the limit. Delivery assurance for these events is critical to the profitability and future sustainability of your business. Our highly experienced STO Management team can help you to navigate the right path.

Maintenance & Reliability


Asset strategy optimisation provides a proactive approach to reducing unwanted, unplanned outages and costly equipment failures. Utilising proven reliability methodologies and maintenance techniques, our experts have significant experience in developing optimised asset strategies and supporting maintenance programs.

MRO Spares


Companies face significant challenges with MRO spares which lead to increased inventory, poor maintenance productivity and higher operational costs. Data quality issues and poor preservation activities are key factors. Our consultants are highly experienced in resolving these issues and providing an optimised MRO spares program.

Asset Integrity


The risks associated with asset failure can be catastrophic in terms of human life, environment and monetary loss. Our consultants are highly experienced in asset integrity strategies, processes and technologies and can support you in balancing the integrity of your assets against changing business demands.



Major incidents in both the upstream and downstream industries have highlighted the importance of having robust processes and systems in place. Our consultants are highly experienced in developing health, safety environmental strategies which will help you to understand and manage all potential asset hazards and risks.

Leadership Development


Businesses that cultivate and sustain high-performing senior leadership teams have a greater chance to realize sustained success. We provide insights to organizations around the world to evaluate and evolve their organisational cultures, optimise team effectiveness and give leaders the tools for success.

Organisational Effectiveness


By uniting deep expertise with agile thinking, we create and accelerate transformative business impact. Our consultants coach and engage with our clients to get the best out of their teams. We are integrated partners on the journey to successful implementation, meaningful change and long lasting business results.

Change Management


50% of organisational change projects don’t achieve their objectives. This is often driven by a lack of clear objectives, milestones and commitment from senior management. As experts in change management and behavioral science, we help clients achieve significant performance improvements from their transformation programs.

Agile Implementation


Agile is a proven way to transform your business, create innovation, accelerate profitability and become a truly adaptive organization. Our proven approach provides training and support, embedding Agile capabilities and expertise within your organisation to ensure you achieve sustainable benefits.



Our approach is to help our clients empower their people to focus on value added activities and deliver the company vision. We achieve this through a combination of competency and skills development, lean tools and methodologies, best in class procedures and digital technologies.



With the competitive landscape becoming more and more challenging, organisations are striving for higher performance improvements with limited budgets. We design and implement performance improvement strategies, driving measurable and sustainable value improvements to your business.



Businesses today face unprecedented levels of various types of risk, coming from a multitude of directions. Our deep technical expertise, extensive industry insights, and digital technologies help companies to create value and build resilience against potential business interruption and loss of earnings.



The need to preserve cash and address liquidity has never been more important for Energy clients. Refocus on supply chain agreements and pricing are paramount to allow business sustainability and future growth. Our highly experienced commercial team can help you to navigate through these challenging times.



We assist clients in delivering long-term success in their major projects. Our team is made up of senior operational experts with decades of hands-on experience. We work as integrated partners with our clients to recover under-performing projects or set up future projects for success.



The explosion of cloud computing combined with advanced analytics and machine learning has created opportunities to fundamentally reimagine how and where work gets done. From enterprise architecture mapping to digital workforce enablement, we can help you realise the true value of digital transformation.

Exploration & Field Development


Exploration and field development activities are now focused on harder to reach reservoirs within harsher environments, driving investment costs up in an already economic sensitive industry. Our experts have a proven track record in ensuring you maximise your exploration opportunity and set up your field for success.

Production Optimisation


With declining mature fields, the understanding of your reservoir and the selection of the best technologies for optimum production results become a key. Our senior consultants have significant worldwide expertise to help you maximise the value of your assets.

Industrial Manufacturing


Disruptions to global supply chains, quality concerns and output issues are growing challenges facing the industrial sector. Maximising the efficiency of your operations is the key to success. Our senior experts have the knowledge and skills to help optimise and improve your manufacturing operations.

Mineral Extraction


Achieving cost leadership and improving operational flexibility is critical for mining companies to gain a strong position in the market. Our consultants’ deep industry knowledge, together with our lean tools and digital technologies can support you in achieving a market leading position in the industry.

Renewable Technologies


Cost competitiveness and storage capability remains key challenges for the renewable energy, together with a lack of skilled workforce. Our consultants have in depth knowledge of the latest technology advancements together with the industry network to support development of your renewable energy operations.

Business Excellence


We advise energy leaders on the appropriate business strategy to take on the local and global challenges of today. Our consulting team comprises highly experienced business leaders with proven track records of success worldwide.

Organisational Excellence


A teams effectiveness is driven by individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. Whether it’s an underperforming project or a recognised organisational skills gap, our highly experienced consulting team can help to drive your business performance.

Technical Excellence


Our Technical Excellence subject-matter experts are all seasoned consultants with over 25 years industry experience. We understand what it takes to implement and deliver technical assurance and industry best practice guidance for all aspects of plant operations.

Production Excellence


As commodity prices become more volatile, it becomes increasingly important to extract the most value from your assets and resources. Companies must develop harder to reach reservoirs in harsher environments and use the latest technologies to optimise production. In addition, there is mounting pressure on companies and governments to reduce their carbon footprint. We have the knowledge and the expertise to guide you towards optimal production.



Our highly experience team can assess all aspects of your business, creating a value stream map to identify where all departments interact and where improvements can be made to save both time and money for your operation. We can also provide benchmarking against global standards to identify any performance gaps.



We support clients in re-imagining performance through lean methodology, strategic thinking, business restructuring, scenario forecasting and long-term business planning processes. Our deep operational expertise and digital tools help to maximise and sustain operational excellence.



Over 60% of transformation initiatives undertaken by businesses fail. Our transformation process drastically increases the speed and effectiveness of transformations by helping you to empower your people. By focussing on competency, culture, procedures and digitalisation, our lean delivery model produces incredible results in a very short time.

Operational Excellence


The ultimate goal, and the final stage in our process, is operational excellence. However, the definition of operational excellence is constantly evolving. Once we achieve operational excellence, as we defined it, we re-define it and begin the process again. This continuous improvement process will ensure you maintain your competitive edge in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

Our virtual center of excellence boasts 8 practices with over 100 subject matter experts covering the full energy sector value chain
Our practices include Digital, Organisation, Performance, Risk, Projects, Technical, Production and Energy Transition disciplines
Our subject matter experts have 25+ years’ experience working in senior executive and operational roles within leading global energy organisations

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